Sisters are required to achieve a minimum of 15 hours of service in four of the areas of service to remain in good standing with the chapter. Many of our sisters go above and beyond the requirements. Last year as a chapter, we logged over 1,000 hours of community service! Please contact our Service Director at for more information about our service events.

Areas of Service

serv - univ community

This area of service gives us the opportunity to make our campus a better place, and give back to our peers at Georgia Tech! In the past we have given out hot chocolate and candy on Dead Week, participated in Tech Beautification day, and much more!


serv - memb

For the community at large projects, we go out into the Atlanta area and volunteer wherever we’re needed! Whether it is getting down and dirty cleaning up a cemetery or park or playing with cats at a shelter, there are always fun ways to help! This year, we are making tokens for the Cafe 458.


sev - sorority

“The easiest way to make a friend is to be one.” This area of service is a lot of fun because you get to serve your sisters and get to know them a little better. These projects include swapping secret sister gifts, decorating valentine’s bags, and sometimes even visiting another chapter.


serv - nations

It can be easy to forget about the world outside of Georgia Tech and Atlanta, but this project helps us help those in need outside of the United States. These projects include sending letters to soldiers, participating in Global Soap, Books for Africa, Medshare, and many more. This year, we are also competing in a competition of sorts with other chapters of OPA to see which chapter can donate the most rice using Free Rice.


sev - mental

In this area of service, we focus on everything from helping eliminate stress, to helping out at foundations for those with mental disabilities. In the past, we have participated in projects at Gigi’s playhouse, FOCUS (Family’s of Children Under Stress), and Project Open Hand, and other great mental health awareness projects.​


serv - pres proj

Every year, the national president chooses a project area that’s close to her heart. This year’s president’s project is Childhood Obesity Prevention!